Parish History - Choirs

St Martin's

Mr Gorman was Organist at St Martin’s Church when he was called up to serve in the armed forces in May 1942.  His place at the organ was taken by Mr McCoughty.

In March 1943 Mr Dudley Hales was appointed Organist


St Alban's 

A robed choir accompanied services from the early days of St Alban's Church. A plaque on one of the choir stalls in memory of William John Hooper states his time in the choir spanned from 1929 to 1967. He was one of three basses along with Tony Widdicombe and Frank Lyth. 

A member of the choir, Basil George Holdup was just fourteen when he died in 1935. A plaque marks the seat in the choir stalls where he sang for the 14 months from the consecration of the Church in May 1934 until his death in July 1935. Basil was born in 1921 in Penwood, Highclere, Hampshire.  His mother Emily died in October 1925 aged 31 when Basil was 4 years old. Three years before Basil died his father, George William Holdup, married Florence Edith Foreman.  The family lived at 318 Goresbrook Road. George died on 11th January 1957 aged 64.  Florence died in October 1978 aged 80. 
Basil's sister Muriel Joan Holdup died in 1935, two months before Basil. She was 15 years old and was buried in Rippleside Cemetery on the 4th May 1935. Basil was buried in the same grave on 8th July 1935. The grave is in section O, row G, plot 18. A grave marker in the spot is in memory of Charles Robinson who is also buried in the grave. We are researching whether he was an extended member of the Holdup family or the grave was reused some years after Basil's death. 

A plaque in memory of Charles Attwood-Evans, Organist and Choirmaster, was dedicated on 17th January 1996. 

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